From Gold Coast
Whitewater rivers for day trips from Gold Coast

The Australian Kayak School has compiled a list of places close to Gold Coast where you can kayak whitewater rivers.

Please remember there is an element of risk involved when paddling in fast moving water. It is important you and your paddling buddies are properly trained and skilled and have all necessary equipment to stay safe in the environment you are paddling in.

Check out our courses for upskilling.The Australian Kayak School has a range of whitewater kayak lessons, courses and programs to give you the competence and confidence to kayak whitewater rivers. The Australian Kayak School also offers a guiding service, talk to us about a whitewater river kayak guide

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Duration may vary on water levels and scouting time.

Features may change. If in doubt get out of kayak and scout ahead.


Nerang River - Pocket Rd to Pine Creek Bridge


Nerang River (Numinbah Valley)

Pocket Rd Bridge to Pine Creek Bridge

30 min from Gold Coast



Grade: 2 +

Length: 4km

Duration: 1.5hr

Level: 1.0 Numinbah Valley gauge 


Put in: Downstream under Pocket Rd Bridge

Take out: Downstream river right after Pine Creek Bridge before old bridge pylons.

Shuttle: The take out is the small street immediately left after the Pine Creek Bridge heading towards Numinbah. To Pocket rd bridge is 3km paved along Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, check street directory

Description: A nice quick run close to town before or after work. There is one tricky section towards the end in higher flows.

Nerang River - Natural Bridge to Numinbah


Nerang River (Numinbah Valley)

Natural Bridge to Numinbah

50min from Gold Coast



Grade: 2

Length: 11km

Duration: 3hr

Level: 1.6 Numinbah Valley gauge


Put in: Bowcha Park along Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd by Lyons Crossing Bridge

Take out:  A Ford next to Community centre in Numinbah. along Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd

Shuttle: 10km paved along Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd, check street directory

Description: Be aware of tree strainers around most corners, a few portages required. Overall a pleasant river trip, allow extra time to scout and portage as necessary.

Tweed River - Uki to Mt Warning RD Bridge


Tweed River (Murwillumbah area)

Uki to Mt Warning Rd Bridge

1hr from Gold Coast



Grade: 2 +

Length: 5km

Duration: 2hr

Level: 1.5 Tweed river at Uki gauge


Put in: Parkland area on right after Uki township along Kyogle rd, you should see a gate to a wooden ford with a zipline overhead.

Take out: Mt Warning Rd bridge river right.

Shuttle: 10min paved along Uki/Kyogle rd, check street directory

Description: Gravel races and wavetrains, a longish rocky rapid near dog walking park scout river right. Nice playwave after low bridge.