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Coast to Coast Grade 2 whitewater Certificate

Grade 2 whitewater certificate course to meet entry requirements for the Coast to Coast Multisport event in New Zealand. 

Qualified and Experienced Whitewater Instructors.

Class sizes are kept small to maximise student learning.

Note whitewater is dependant upon rainfall in river catchment and there are minimum and maximum river levels, it may be necessary to travel up to 3.5hrs from our centres with overnight camping by the river in some instances. Check location at time of booking.


Whitewater rivers usually run March to September.

It is recommended you do your courses early in the year to allow time to take advantage of the whitewater season for your own ongoing training.

You need your own training kayak to maintain skills. 


For inquiries please email with your location or phone 0450832430


Coast to Coast Grade Two Whitewater Certificate Course


This course is designed to meet all certificate requirements for the NZ Coast to Coast event.

Group sizes are kept small to ensure maximum Instructor time per student.

You will learn river dynamics at a minimum of grade two whitewater level including features and hazards and how to avoid or minimise their risks.

You must download the Grade Two Certificate form from the Coast to Coast website and complete it with your instructor

Confirming the pre-requisite of our Basic Skills Course or equivalent. Your participation will cancelled by the Instructor if you are not yet competent in the following basic skills: 

  • Appropriate paddling attire
  • Correct safety and equipment selection
  • Correct flotation for craft
  • Lifting, carrying, transport
  • Craft setup and stowage
  • Donning Equipment
  • Entry and Exit of craft
  • Spraydeck use
  • Launch and land
  • Wet exit
  • Posture and Balance
  • Paddlers Box
  • Forward Stroke
  • Reverse Stroke
  • Stopping Stroke
  • Forward Sweep
  • Reverse Sweep
  • Combination Sweep
  • Side Draw Stroke
  • Bow Draw
  • Stern Draw
  • Rafting Up
  • Stern Rudder
  • Low Brace 
  • All strokes stationary and underway
  • Capsize and Recovery
  • Capsize and swim with kayak to shore, empty, re-enter.
  • Deep Water Re-entry
  • Single blade use, J-stroke, C-stroke
  • Shunting
  • Eskimo Recovery/ T-Rescue
  • HOG Rescue 
This Coast to Coast whitewater course will cover the following:

Extra Skills

  • Edge control
  • J- Lean
  • Low Brace Turn
  • Hanging Draw
  • Sweep and bow draw combination turn

Rescue skills

  • Towline for paddles and boats
  • Boat shunting into eddies
  • Capsize and swim
  • self rescue swim with all gear
  • tow swimmer
  • whitewater deck carry
  • deep water re-entry
  • Eskimo rescue
  • HOG Rescue
  • Rolling cover from kayaks
  • Setting up rope rescue
  • Receiving rescue rope
  • Throwing rescue rope
  • Broach recovery

Whitewater Skills

  • Ferry Glide
  • Break into eddies
  • Break out of eddies
  • Reverse Ferry Glide
  • Eddy Hopping
  • Scouting from kayak
  • Scouting from Shore
  • Paddling safe efficient lines

Other Skills and Knowledge

  • Hydrology Theory, Features and Hazards
  • Choosing safe lines in rapids
  • Hypothermia
  • Simple knot tying
  • Tying down kayaks
  • Boat recovery and mechanical advantage 

Course duration: 2 full days on the river. (Home study theory booklet to be completed prior to course start date)


What to bring: Lunch, snacks, Water Bottle. Drybag for lunch, keys, valuables. Suitable warm clothing and footwear to get wet and swim in, PFD, whitewater helmet, paddle, kayak with adequate flotation, spraydeck, sponge.

Please advise if you require assistance sourcing hire equipment.


Prerequisites:   Our Basic skills course or equivalent.  If you do a course with us we offer a 10percent discount on all subsequent courses.

Good fitness and strong swimmer with underwater confidence.

Ability to learn practical skills quickly as it is a fast paced course. This course is not suited to slow learners, please ask us about other learning options.

And a commitment to purchase your own kayak and continue training for the kayak leg of the race event.


Cost: $500 per person


Location: Whitewater rivers rely on rainfall in their catchments, runnable rivers may be up to 3.5 hours from our office base, if so far we will camp by the river overnight, otherwise just a day trip each day.


Note: We aim to have you succeed, If you think you need more time to learn then speak to us about other options instead of this course.

Bookings: Phone 0450832430

Eskimo Rolling


Learn the ultimate self rescue technique - the Eskimo Roll.


Participants should be confident in the water and be comfortable upside down in a kayak. 

The eskimo rolling course is a private lesson with a professional instructor.

Course duration: 1.5 hours


What to bring: Suitable warm clothing, PFD, paddle, spraydeck and craft. You might wish to bring a whitewater noseplug.

Prerequisites: Competent paddle skills, good swimmer with underwater confidence.

Cost: $150 per person

Bookings: Phone 0450832430