Learn to Eskimo roll with the Australian Kayak School in Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne.

Rolling is the ultimate self rescue skill and essential for paddling in more challenging environments.

The Australian Kayak School offers one on one private lessons for an individual approach to learning the eskimo roll.

For inquiries please contact us with your location and what you wish to achieve

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Eskimo Rolling


Learn the ultimate self rescue technique - the Eskimo Roll.


Participants should be confident in the water and be comfortable upside down in a kayak. 

The eskimo rolling course is a private lesson with a professional instructor.

Course duration: 1.5 hours


What to bring: Suitable warm clothing, PFD, paddle, spraydeck and craft. You might wish to bring a whitewater noseplug.

Prerequisites: Competent paddle skills, good swimmer with underwater confidence.

Cost: $150 one on one

Bookings: Phone/sms 0450832430